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蜂蜜健胃 Honey Jazz

蜂蜜健胃 Honey Jazz

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醫師監製  | 香港製造 | 叻茶 專注健康



Honey Jasmine Kombucha

Main Ingredients: Filtered Water, Jasmine Tea, Kombucha Culture, Honey


Having a rough day? Honey's gonna be there for ya. A light hint of sweetness while boosting your immunity to fight off the "bad"teria in your guts!

Good for :
Digestion, especially after a hearty meal

Sensitive Stomach
✓ Feeling Bloated 
 Dry mouth, your thirst quenching go-to

• No additives. Natural Ingredients.

• Crafted with love by your Local Trusted Doctor

• Made in Hong Kong

  • 儲存方法










    Lectcha tastes best chilled. It can be stored at room temperature (20-25°C) for 2 days and up to 3 months when refrigerated (4-10°C). Please finish consumption on the same day if drank straight from the bottle.

    Please note that Lectcha is raw kombucha and thus the live yeast and probiotics will continue to ferment in the bottle. The taste might change over time (usually becomes more vinegary and tangy). It remains safe to consume. [ However, we recommend using it as a low-cal salad dressing instead ]

    Drinking Lectcha

    We recommend 1 bottle (250ml) a day. The tea contains small amounts of sugar, therefore people with special conditions, e.g. pregnant, breastfeeding, alcohol allergies, diabetes etc. are advised to consult a family doctor before drinking.

    Strains in the Bottle

    The brown/clear strands in the bottle are fiber cellulose produced by the continuous fermentation of the living yeast and probiotics in the raw Kombucha. They are safe to consume.

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